Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wecipe Wednesday (you like that title, lol) It's a keeper!!!!

All kinds of BALLS

I am a sweets person!!! I love anything chocolate, iced or baked. I stumbled across the most amazing blog. It's a woman that loves sweets as much as I do & has FANSTATIC ideas. Introduce (drum roll please) BAKERELLA!!!!

Are you drooling yet??

She is amazing!!! She can do so many things with these. Yup that is a direct link to the first post about Cake Pops!!! How fun & cute & adorable & oh so yummy!!!!!!


1 baked 9 x 13 cake (I did Red Velvet for these)
1 can of icing ( I paired cream cheese icing with the Red Velvet Cake)

Crumble the cooked cake up into a bowl big enough to mix stuff around in it. Then add almost the entire can of icing. Use the back of a spoon to mix it up. At first it seems like it will never get mixed & then all of a sudden it's all mixed. If it seems a little dry add a little more icing to it & keep mixing well. Then put it in the refridgerator for 10-15 minutes.

Then you want to scoop balls out of it with a cookie scooper & roll them up. I piled them all onto a cookie sheet. After I was done with all of them I put them in the freezer for 5-10 minutes to re-harden. I notice that it is easier to dip them if they are harder.

While those are re-forming melt your candy melts. Some things I learned with candy melts. Make sure there is not a drop of water in your pan & only have the heat on long enough to melt about half of them & then shut it off but keep stirring. They will melt because the pan is hot. If you keep the fire on too long then you end up cooking it which you don't want to do.

Take you balls out of the freezer & start dipping. If you want to do pops then dip your stick in the candy melt & stick it into each ball. Refreeze for 5-10 minutes & then dip them. It's easier if you put them on wax paper if you keep them balls or stick them in styrofoam if you make them pops.

I made red, white & blue ones that took me almost 2 hours to get them done & then they melted before anyone could eat them (grrrrrrr). So for fourth of July I am just going to dip them in Red.

Another good ball is Oreo Balls:

1 pkg of regular Oreo's food processed
1 pkg of room temp cream cheese

Mix well & dip in candy melts.

Or you can pile them into a cake like this: (Wasn't a good idea)

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Melissa said...

That was a good idea. Pile 'em as high as you can. I will have to try oreos. Sound yummy.