Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wecipe Wednesday

Healthy food (somewhat, lol)

2 really great recipes that I like when I want to watch what I'm eating are a easy Chicken Salad that I eat with Wheat Thins & an apple dessert.

Chicken Salad:

1 can of Tyson chunk chicken breast
1/4 cup of shredded cheese: I like pepper jack to give it some zip
2-4 T of Light Ranch dressing

Just mix all of this together & eat it with wheat thins & you have a yummy lunch!!!!

Apple Dessert:

Cut up one whole apple into bite size chunks & mix with 1 cup of lowfat yogurt. I like Red Delicious apple's & I mix up what kind of yogurt I use. I just get the walmart brand when it is on sale.

Both are easy & yummy. I do notice that I like the apple dessert better after it has set in the fridge for awhile. I think it's just because it makes it oh so cold on a hot summer day!!!!

Enjoy!!!!! Camping wecipe's next week!!!

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