Friday, July 10, 2009

Still Lovin my Mother's Day Present!!!

This is what my wonderful hubby got me for Mother's Day this year. Some little birdie (ahem, me through email) passed him this link with specific instructions, lol. Mr.KU is a horrible gift giver. He thinks too much about things. But THIS, this is perfect. I had tags-n-stones put both kids' names plus Mr. KU's name on it with mine on it's own flower in the center. It also came with a diamond that is supposed to hang next to it but I'll tell ya this necklace was harder than heck to put on so I have just left the diamond off for now. I'm planning on taking it off next week because we are going to a wedding & I got me some beads to wear with my black dress & hot pink heels & this necklace has to go bye bye for the night. :(

Are you still loving your Mother's Day Present? Go check out Tags-n-Stones!!!!

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