Thursday, July 2, 2009

Family Photo Disaster!!!

I am a picture taker. The first step when you have a problem is admitting it so I stand on my desk & shout to the world, "I AM ADDICTED TO TAKING & LOOKING AT PICTURES!!!".

I had my kids' picture's taken everymonth for their first year because I love to see how much they have changed. I love looking at pictures of my kids that I just took last week. I am so addicted. So when it came to Bug's 3 year pics & our new family pic I was so super excited & then after wierd & crazy stuff kept happening we finally got them taken on Sunday.

I'm just going to give you a little description of our day: (And remember-these are kids that are used to getting their picture's taken)

Wake up Sunday to both of them crying. Why I have no idea. Maybe the picture demon invaded their dreams I have no idea but both were crying. We did not wake up until 8:00am so that means we are running late for our 10am session. I jump in the shower with Tinkerbell standing at the back of the shower crying for me to pick her up & Bug crying that he can't walk because he fell & scraped his leg the day before.

So I jump out of the shower (not literally since I couldn't even walk due to my clumsiness the night before) & proceed to put makeup on. I think Bells loves makeup & try to butter up to her with it. She says, "NO" & only wants to brush her teeth. Whateva child, whateva!!!

We're walking around getting dressed & Bug is still bawling, not just crying, BAWLING HIS EYES OUT. He keeps saying he can't walk so I told Mr. KU to make sure he could bend his leg & blah blah blah just to make sure he really didn't hurt it. Nope, nothing wrong with it. So I told Bug that if he didn't stop crying then I was going to take him to the hospital & they were going to cut it off so it didn't hurt anymore. He just stared at me. Hey at least he wasn't crying. We finally settled on a bandaid. Actually 2 bright green spongebob bandaid's.

By this time my fruststration level is at about 98.9%. My patience is so almost gone!!! I made breakfast & had to deal with Bug not wanting to eat what I made. (That's a new one-I hate it!!!). He is into this not wanting to eat anything lately & it scares me. He is just not hungry & I don't know what to do about it.

After breakfast, Mr. KU is ready & I put both kids clothes on & we leave. Patience level, 99.5% by the time we put 2 screaming kids in the car. I'm pretty sure that they sensed my frustration even though I was trying to mask it. Maybe I didn't hide my eye-rolling & sighing good enough, lol.

We get to the park & deal with both kids not wanting to smile. Tinkerbell kept fighting to get down & Bug only wanted to sit on Papa's lap. He would not quit crying until he was on Papa's lap. It was ridiculous. Frustration/Patience level 100%. A SCREAMING 100%. Since Bug was not in the mood to smile & these are supposed to be HIS 3 year pictures with the rest just thrown it we decided to walk around.

Holy crap-5 million threats & 5 bribes later Jenn-the amazing Jenn took him off & they got his pictures. It took making Grandma Nat, Papa, the very over past frustrated mom & the piss ass sister leaving for him to start smiling.

Our pictures turned out amazing for how we thought they were going to turn out. The kids aren't smiling in the family pictures but hey at least they are in the pictures & not in the pond like we all wanted them to be, lol. (Just joking)


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