Monday, July 20, 2009

Before & After-My bathroom

Jeez it seems like I have been working for MONTHS on my bathroom, oh wait I have, lol. When we moved into our house the bathroom was the only room that we did not have to do anything with. We had to GUT both downstairs bedrooms & install new floors & carpeting in the living room & dining room. We also knocked out a 1/2 wall & closed off another wall to make a laundry room. (Pictures on those later)

I love our house, but I am tired of it being just a house. I have been working so hard to finally make it OUR house. I have finally (yes after 5 years) hung picture's how I wanted them and not just on the walls to get them up.

Here are some before and after's of my bathroom. They are the slick white walls that I want to paint so bad but I have a feeling that I would be asking for trouble so I am going to tolerate them a little longer. This is what it looked like after I put the ducks up trying to give it some color!!!!

But this is what it usually looks like. Crap everywhere, lizards in the sink...

And then I took the shelf off of the wall & painted my bottom vanity & took the medicine cabinet mirror off of the wall & replaced it with just a hanging mirror. Where in the world is all our crap?? Me & my hubby each have our own basket under the sink. I FINALLY threw away all the junk that I didn't need & made us our own cute little baskets.

I decoupaged some cute pics of the kids taking baths & hung them with blue sheer ribbon. It doubled our bathrooms space!!! What do you think????

We'll see how long it stays clean, lol.

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