Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My first TRASH TO TREASURE Tuesday!!!

I have been reading Kimm at Reinvented forever!!! She is hilarious & has tons of great ideas & I always think about doing the Trash to Treasure Tuesday but had never had time to write a blog until NOW!!! I still don't have time with working a full time job & the fact that lightening got my computer at home, but I am MAKING time!!!!

My Trash to Treasure is not Fourth of July as requested but I have been waiting too long to post & just got the Fourth of July memo this morning, lol. The school across the street from me is closing due to funding so all of the teachers are cleaning out & I mean CLEANING OUT their rooms. They are throwing away paints, paint brushes, craft supplies galore, buckets, christmas trees, & just all kinds of good stuff. (So yes I have been dumpster diving, lol. But I duck when cars drive by) .
One thing I pulled out was an ice cream bucket. My wheels were a turning when I seen that, in perfect shape, ice cream bucket. Since I have to fix Tinkerbells hair at the table while she eats every morning I have been looking for a portable basket to keep the water bottle, comb, spray & rubber bands in & have not found a good one with a handle until now. Add a little bit of spray paint, a little bit of material & mod podge some ribbon around the handle. Label it & add some cutie flowers & wallah!! A portable bucket to sit next to my dining room table so I can torture her while she eats, lol.

Go check out Kimm at reinvented for some great & I mean GREAT ideas!!!!


Jane said...

Welcome to Trash to Treasure! First off as a teacher it warms my heart that you are claiming their cast offs. We teachers have a hard time chucking stuff and would much rather have it go to a good home. With such a pretty bucket, I am sure hair time will be much more fun!

Michelle said...

Way cute! I have an ice cream bucket that is almost empty. I will think twice about tossing it now!

CHER said...

Hey, I wish i was dumpster diving with ya. great idea!!!Have a blessed day! cher

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

It looks awesome! So cute and what a great way to reuse! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Nicki said...

Thank you to all!!! This is so much fun actually being a part of the blogging world instead of just reading other's blogs. Follow me & I will give you a laugh or a good idea at least a couple of times a week, lol. Lots of good stuff is rolling around in my little mind!!!!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Yay!! I'm so glad you decided to link up your project, Nicki, and it's fabulous. I am way impressed with your dumpster diving and reinvention skills! Enjoy your holiday weekend.