Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Debut into the blogging world-FINALLY!!!

First off let me introduce myself. My name is Nicki & I love to write, read other blogs, see cute girly hairdo's & find new recipes. Hence my description for my all over the place blog. I have 2 kids, Tinkerbell & Bug (so not their real names, lol). Tinkerbell is 1 & Bug just turned 3. Those babies are my pride, my joy & my life. I have been happily married to Mr.KU for 4 1/2 years. I work in insurance & surprisingly enough I LOVE my job.

Me with Tinkerbell & Bug

I have been posting on facebook for it seems like forever!!! Not many people actually do use the note section in facebook, but I do, lol!!! So with my first post I am actually going to do a couple of repost off of my facebook notes just to get a feel for this. Enjoy!!!

Repost from 6/3/09

Oh my darling Bug. You were my first. My pride, my joy & my first absolute LOVE in this world. You can love another person but it is no where close to the love that you feel for that 1st child. All those new experiences that you get to go through. It is priceless.

Bug came into this world @ 9:21 am on June 13, 2006. I had contractions on 6/12 & was walking walking walking all evening. I was walking from stop sign to stop sign in front of my house talking on my phone. I think I walked for 2 hours. I had been talking back & forth with my cousin about whether she should come to town or not. I didn't want her to have a wasted drive but I also didn't want her to miss his birth. She's my baby picture taker, lol. At about 10pm the contractions had stopped so I told her to just go to bed & I would call her if anything happened. At 3:46 am I woke up & thought, "was that a contraction"? Then it came again. I was so excited!!! I jumped in the shower & shaved my legs, lol. I woke Mr. KU up @ 4:15 & he jumped in the shower, & by 5:20 I was wondering what the hell he was doing. It took him forever to get ready because he was so stinking nervous. My contractions were about 3-4 minutes apart by that time. We got to the hospital @ 5:45 & I was admitted into the check-in room because they were so full. I ended up getting demoral about 7 & had Bug had 9:21am. I had such an easy delivery with him.

I remember seeing him for the first time. I was amazed that that little guy had come from my belly. After I had him I knew he was a keeper, lol.

Bug is now an extremely funny, adorable 3 year old. His goal in life is to make people laugh. I love this little boy!!!!

Repost from 6/22 about Tinkerbell

When I was pregnant with Tinkerbell I wanted another boy so bad. Everyone said what if it's a girl? I said, "no way". I don't want ANY girls. Any girl of mine is going to have to have a couple of older brothers to keep her in line, lol. Then I started thinking, crap this is going to be a girl. If this is going to be a girl then I need to want it to be a girl so I'm not disappointed. So I changed my whole train of thought & started looking into bows & dresses & tutu's!!! When we found out that she was most defintely a girl, I was estatic!!!! I went on a bow, headband & dress spending spree. She will be the type of girl that takes her high heels off to ride the 4 wheeler, lol.

I am in fact creating a monster. I know I am but I can't help it!!! She is gorgeous & she knows it. Saturday she was standing in front of the mirror swishing her dress from side to side, and just smiling at herself. Oh lord help me when she turns 13!!!!

Just a couple of cute pics of Tinkerbell. I love the huge hotdog picture. Her face cracks me up!!!

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