Friday, June 26, 2009

How to make your own hairbows

Yes I am THAT into hair. I love it & absolutely CANNOT wait until Tinkerbells hair is long enough to do more with it. But for now I have to settle with prettying (a word?) it up with bows.

Its a girl thing is a GREAT site to get some info on how to make a bow board which is an absolute necessity once you start making bows.

Here is a picture of Tinkerbells when I first made it. Now it is jam packed!!!!

I did it different than the tutorial on It's a girl thing because I wanted more than one color of ribbon. I crisscrossed Lime Green & purple. The next one that I make (because she needs another one) will be just like the tutorial. I don't think that I got more space out of doing it this way. Here is a picture of one that I made for Bug's best friend Bear. It was on a smaller board but I like the neatness of it.

If your wondering where I got the cute bows go to & check them out. They were so worth the $25.99 that they were for the amount that comes in a container. They come on little rubber bands & I just clipped them & hot glued them to my lined Snap clip. I loved them & it allowed me to make a lot & give them away without having to actually take a whole lot of time to fold ribbons & bake ribbons & so forth. These are still perfect for Tinkerbell's hair. If you do decide to order them try to either go in with someone else or wait until they have free shipping. If you don't purchase $75.00 worth of products it is $7.99 shipping but it was still worth it for me not to have to actually make the bows from scratch.

The difference between snap clips & alligator clips:

Alligator clips are for older girls & snap clips are for babies/younger girls or thinner hair.

I still use the snap clips on Tinkerbell's hair. I think that they stay in really well.

It also shows you how to make corker bows & Bandana dresses like this: (Tinkerbell-8 months)

Back to bow making:

This is what the back should look like. You don't want to go all the way around because you need it to stick in your little girls hair. If you go all the way around it will just slide out.

This is a picture of the front of one of the bows I made. I got this bow from JoAnn's for $1.99 for a 6 pack. They look so cute in & you can get all different colors.

Hope this helps if you decide to make your little girl her own bows & want to pull off that you "made" them even if you bought most of the stuff, lol. It's better than just a pony or bare pigtails!!!!

Another great site for headbands & bows is The bow Her headbands are guaranteed not to put red marks on your babies head. Her bows are adorable but I think a little expensive.

Here's a picture of Tinkerbell with a bow lady headband/bow on.

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