Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's a Hair thing!!!

I have a fasination with fixing hair!!! I have since I was a little girl. My cousin used to have super long hair & I would always braid it & do different stuff with it. Now she's a cosmotologist, lol. When I first entered the blogging world it was to check out "hair" sites. I FELL IN LOVE!!!!! I seriously SQUEALED in delight. I could not get enough. My 2 favorites are cute2tryhairdo's & hair4myprincess. Seriously I cannot believe some of the stuff that these 2 super mommies come up with. Tinkerbell is only 16 months old but I have done plenty with what I can work with. I CANNOT wait until her hair gets longer & longer & longer, lol.

This first one is a hair headband into 2 piggies from this post. I just adapted it to fit her shorter hair. On the last pull through I went towards the back & made it part of the pigtail.

This one is just 2 simple pigtails back into 1 ponytail.

I love this one!!!! This kept her bangs back & looked absolutely ADORABLE!!!! This is 2 pull throughs into piggies.

I can't get the next 2 to separate. So the 1st one is the same as above except I didn't pull the middle ones through & the bottom pictures is just 1 ponytail into 2 piggies.
Even though she doesn't have a lot of hair I can still do some stuff with it other than the normal pigtails. ENJOY!!!!!
Check out how adorable Little Alex is in Hair for the mini Divi!!! Also her mommies cute bows.


Infarrantly Creative said...

I can't wait until Kayla's hair is long enough for this. I am always doing something wacky with my own hair but it would be waaaay cuter on a little girl.

Nicki said...

One thing I learned is to massage the heck out of her hair when you wash it to toughen up her scalp. I have been putting pigtails in Aubrey's hair since she barely had any hair & she is so used to it now.

Merynne said...

Thanks for the shout out! And good luck in the giveaway. Cute hair, by the way;)