Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3 ER visits in 2 weeks-Nice...

We have a regular pediatrician. But God Forbid the kids get sick during the week while they are in business. Or even better if the pediatricians office would answer/return calls in a timely manner so we wouldn't have to go to the ER.

ER visit # 1: Bug 2 weeks ago. He had been sick but not sick enough to take to the doctor. Saturday rolls around. We take the kids to a parade & he is just kind of there physically but dragging horribly. After his nap he could not quit crying & saying his mouth hurt. After much negotian I finally got him to open his mouth & low and behold his throat is full of blisters. Diagonois: Strep Throat

ER visit # 2: Tinkerbell on Sunday. She had been sick since Friday with a fever & really sluggish acting. (And remember she is only 20 months old) Me, Tinkerbell & Bug all took a nap in my bed. When we woke up her poor little heart was just racing. It was going to fast I could not get her heartrate. She was beating 3-4 beats a second. I was so scared because she had recently just had pnuemonia & that was the reason the nurses hotline had told us to go. Her heart was beating to fast for her little body. I think the ER kind of down played it a bit. They said it was just because she had a fever. She's a baby. As a parent you take NO chances. Diagnosis: Influenza type B (just the common flu) Treated with an anti viral medicine

****Along comes Monday night & Mr Bug gets out Tinkerbells prescription & somehow gets the cap off. Tinkerbell brings us an empty prescription bottle so we assume that she has chugged it. We call poison control & they said that the medicine is not fatal but it will make her sick. They said not to induce vomiting that it will make her nauseaus & she will vomit on her own. She sleeps all night but Bug is up puking all night. So apparantly he is the one that drank her prescription. Yesterday morning I brought him to work with me. I work on a computer all day & he just wanted to be held so he sat on my lap & took a nap for about an hour & then I took him to daycare. I have exhausted all of my vacation days so I cannot afford to take off unpaid. Hubby took off on Monday to keep Tinkerbell home. My daycare calls about 2 & said that he was still super sick to his stomach & had a 104 degree temp & that his tongue was brown. BROWN???? So I called his peds office & there voicemail picks up AGAIN & it says that they are having a high volume of calls so I need to leave a message & that it may take until the next business day for them to return it so off to ER we go. Mr KU works an hour away so he left work so he could meet us there.

ER visit # 3: Bug. They do the Influenza test on him & check out his tongue. They find out that since he wouldn't drink the tylenol that I had given him about 10am had just sat on his tongue & turned colors. Jeez. His Influenza test came back. Diagnosis: Influenza A which is the Swine Flu so now he is on Tamiflu but I couldn't start him until today because of him chugging it monday night. By the way his peds office called about an hour and a half later.

So now Mr. KU is off for 2 days with 2 kids basically in quarantine.

All I have to say now is that it isn't even November...

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Michele said...

Oh man...I hope both kids start feeling better...and that you and hubby don't get it! I need to get my flu shots...haven't made it to the doctor yet!

Have a great weekend...and catch up on sleep too!