Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Ok so I am generally a very happy person!!! I have 2 absolutely AMAZING kids. I mean these babies are my pride, my joy & my everything!!!! A wonderful house, great husband, great family, great animals & so on, lol.

So a person like me shouldn't get down in the dumps, right? Ugh stuff just keeps piling on & on & on our little family of 4. With the current state of the economy hubby & I should be so super excited that we both have amazing jobs & we are both grateful for our jobs but it seems we can never stay "ahead".
Example: We had all hospital bills paid off & life was going good. Then our computer got struck by lightening or contracted a virus so getting a new one is out of the question until at least after Christmas, then Tinkerbell had pnuemonia & was in the hospital doesn't she look miserable?????
Bug was in the hostpital with Strep throat because it was the weekend. (He won't let me take his picture.)
Apparantly we are going to ignore the wealth, & health & just go for HAPPINESS!!!!

Aghhh it feels like it is never ending. Mr KU needs new tires so that's gonna kick us for at least $400. BLAH

Now to the whole point of this rambling post. Every year I love to throw a halloween party. (Broke or not) I am HUGE on having parties. With the blogging world I have sooooooo many great ideas. And now thanks to The Polka Dot Chair I have this awesome & amazing banner to hang for decorations year after lovely year for my "gonna try to be cheap as possible but still have a blast" halloween party. :)

Thanks Polka Dot Chair!!!!!


Mammatalk said...

Yeah! Congrats. It looks great. And, much luck to you. Hope things get better.

JennyMac said...

Congrats! And love those halloween pics. ADORABLE!