Monday, September 21, 2009

Momma went to Bat for the boy in the ER

Both kids have been sick since last week. My poor, GRUMPY babies have felt miserable. The only thing they want to do is to be held. Tinkerbell has a cold or is teething again. She has the runny nose, drooling & diarehha (not spelled correctly).

Bug just start being super whiny when he woke up on Thursday & was running a very low grade fever. He kept saying his tongue hurt. I had him stick it out & could not find anything weird on it so I just gave him some Motrin. Friday was the same thing. Saturday morning he woke up bawling saying his tongue hurt again but I still could not find anything wrong & he is still just had a really low grade fever. By Saturday night he was still grumpy & complaining of his tongue so I FINALLY convinced him to let me look at his throat. Sure enough, it was red & covered in blisters. (btw-I felt TERRIBLE by this point for making him deal with it for 3 days.) My Grandma kept Tinkerbell & me Mr. KU took our boy to the ER for some antibiotics. When we got there he was just drooling. He wasn't even trying to swallow because it hurt so bad. They said that he had Strep (which is what I though anyway) & wanted to give him some tylenol & get him him on an antibiotic. When the nurse (gorgeous male nurse btw) came in with a pill, some lube & got some gloves & then explained that he was going to have to give it to him in a suppository because he wouldn't swallow I immediatly objected. I had promised Bug that it wouldn't hurt & I knew that he could swallow he just didn't want to.

The extrememly cute male nurse went to double check with the doctor because they didn't want him to choke on it. I told them he wouldn't & proceeded to have a discussion with Bug. I told him if he didn't swallow the tylenol that they were going to stick the pill up his butt & it would hurt. He swallowed it. :)

Then they let us sit for about 30 minutes so see if it took effect so that they could re-take his temp. Another nurse came in to do his temp rectilly (so not spelled correctly) because he had fought them when we first came in on getting his temp done. I objected once again & got scolded as to making my son promises & that they might not always be able to keep those promises. Anyway, another discussion ensued with my & Bug & as soon as the nurse came back in with the regular thermoneter his mouth was WIIIDDDE OPENNN.

I told Bug, I went to Bat twice for you tonight buddy, your Butt is gonna Thank me tomorrow.

Bug still hurts but has 3 doses of Antibiotics in him & some tylenol & Motrin. Hopefully he'll start feeling better by tomorrow.

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Michele said...

Hi Nicki ~ oooo, I so hope the kiddies are back to feeling better soon. I had to laugh when you told Bug that his butt would thank you in the morning!!!

Big hugs,