Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Yes I have been MIA lately. My computer at home burned up & it is kind of hard to blog at work. I do occasionally (like now, lol).

I did decide to chop all of my hair off. At first I hated myself for it (as I knew I would) but now I really really like it. I like it flipped out a little. I call it my Alice Cullen look. :)

Bug still won't let me take his picture. :(

Tinkerbell is still being as goofy as ever, lol.

And here she is eating a poptart through the halloween mask that we keep floating around the house. What? She may be invited to a Halloween party. She wants to be ready.


Julie said...

I love the cake idea and I must try that with my girls. They love all things sweet!! Also, I can't believe your steal at the yard sale. I would have been jumping up and down!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Michele said...

What an adorable haircut...looks so cute! And those pics of the kids...just priceless, especially eating through the mask!!!