Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The LOVE of Bug's life-Bear

I still remember the day of my baby shower. Bug was my first baby so I had a HUGE babyshower. When it was all done & over with I just sat down in the middle of the room & looked around at everything in awe. It made what was about to happen just a little bit more real.

Bear was just a simple gift that accompanied some bigger things. Had I known what Bear would become I would have bought about 5 of him & switched him out, lol.

We even went through a stage where Bear had to go to work with mommy.

Bear is God to my little Bug. Bear is his absolute best friend in the entire world. He lugs that Bear around EVERYWHERE. I have included just some of the pictures that will go in Bear's scrapbook & yes you better believe that Bear will have his own Scrapbook. :)

Bear is very obviously most used as a pillow & a play companion. :) I hope he never outgrows his first LOVE.

We thought we lost Bear once & I think we all almost had a heart-attack so my Grandma bought Bug a "new Bear". So now we have "Bear-Bear" & "New Bear". Can we tell who is who, lol

Here is a more recent picture of Bug & Bear. Poor guy was up sick for like 3 hours & ended up just crashing while watching cartoons. :(

***Edited to add. Bear has somehow fallen off of the face of the earth. Bug is handling it A LOT better than I thought he would. We have seriously tore our entire house apart looking for him. I miss that Bear. I really expected to be able to put Bear back for Bug's little boy :( **********


Mammatalk said...

We have a bear at our house. What a friend!

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