Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wecipe Wecipe Wecipe Wednesday!!!!!!

I found this cake on another blog & fell in love with it!!!!! So I made it for Easter & it was a HUGE hit.

Rainbow Cake:

White cake mixed as directed on package.
Separate into 4-5 different bowls & add food coloring to each bowl
Then just start pouring it in

So easy, yet so stinking cute!!!!!

The next super fun kid recipe is chocolate dipped pretzels:

Just a bag of any shape pretzel & 1 package of almond bark. Melt your almond bark & dip pretzels in. I use a fork to fish them out & then dry on wax paper.Little one's can help put sprinkles on which is Bug's FAVORITE job!!!! We LOVE sprinkles.

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