Monday, August 3, 2009

I feel like I stole it!

I love garage sales!!! I HATE with a passion doing it without my mom. She is on vacay for the whole week & I won't see her. :( On Saturday I spent $7.00 at the gas station getting the kids drinks & snacks to keep them occupied so that I could garage sale & then drove around for 1/2 an hour before I found my first one. I HATE HATE HATE navigating. My mom usually does the driving, lol. I almost spent more keeping the kids occupied than I did at garage sales, lol.

At the first garage sale the guy gave Bug a remote control Spiderman car & then at the 2nd garage sale the lady gave Tinkerbell a bear & then the 3rd garage sale was in the ghetto of our little town. I almost didn't stop but man there was a lot of stuff. I got Tinkerbell a Dora bike helmet for $3.00, & 2 pairs of tall boots (1 black, 1 brown) for $2.00 each & then 8 drawer pulls in the shape of flowers for $.50. So that garage sale wasn't bad at all!!!
Then, oh baby, then we went to my Mother in laws best friends (did ya get that, lol) garage sale.

She had this buffet that is just to die for. I knew it would be perfect in my dining room once I sand it down, paint it chocolate & I'm thinking some decoupage on the drawers.
Look at these nifty little drawer pulls. I am so just going to reuse them.
Then she mentioned she had a vanity (no pic, sorry) & a dresser that she was getting rid of also.

(And yes our dressing room is still painted as it was when Bug was a baby. We have also had our room in it, lol. I just loved the border & the red so much. But now it's time to go. Oh and that is a huge stain of white paint in front of the dressor. A couple of weeks after we had our new carpet installed a can got tipped over & apparantly I didn't have the lid on tight, oops.)

So I got the buffet, dresser & vanity with perfect rectangle mirror & bench for your never going to guess.

No Joke!!!!!! See why I feel like I stole it????

And I've already turned this bench

into this:

Isn't this material GORGEOUS!!!!!

I'm going to repaint the room white with silver, pink & white stripes across the middle. I am painting the vanity & the dressor the Dusty pink & I am putting silver drawer pulls on them. I didn't even have to buy my paint. My grandma had it in her basement. WOW!!!!! I'm so excited. Have I said that like 100 times, lol.
Just a little hint if anyone doesn't have photoshop, you can edit your pics for FREE at

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